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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Going Green

Here we are again in another weather pattern that has more snow on it's way. The past six months have seen some crazy weather conditions. We've had record rainfall, flooding, snow storms, ice sheets, wind storms and then the cycle repeats itself once you think you're in the clear. These past few months have really made me think about whether or not humans have drastically changed the environment. I'm not sure if you saw An Inconvenient Truth (Al Gore's movie), but it was really interesting. It (and the current weather conditions) make me wonder if there is enough being done to preserve our planet. I'm not so sure that the answer would be yes. We as Americans are more than happy to boast about our economic, military, or political status amongst the other countries, but could we do the same in regards to our past agenda on the environment? A funny part of this whole argument is that big business is beginning to realize the value of "going green". There's more proof that becoming more aware of energy and material conservation pays really big dividends. If that affects the bottom line, then companies become more willing to listen and act. But, has this mode of thinking even begun to permeate our government? I'm not so sure that it has and I think we may need to kindly nudge this way of thinking into the forefront of our political leaders' minds.

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