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Monday, January 8, 2007

Apple Excitement

There’s quite a bit of speculation as to what new products Steve Jobs and Apple will introduce to the public. I’ve become an Apple fan and would like to see a phone and possibly some new gadgets. I think the iPod is one of the coolest gadgets around and I use it daily. I love being able to listen to podcasts while driving. It allows me to bypass morning and afternoon radio shows (which I think generally stink) and listen to shows or programs that I feel are much more worthwhile. An iPod Phone would be pretty cool. No one has yet to effectively integrate all of the small phones, games, gadgets, Bluetooth, Blackberries, and laptops into a small, useful, fun and functional device.

There may even be word that a device to watch downloaded video podcasts on tv’s may be getting introduced. The device would effectively break down the barrier between iTunes and television. How sweet would that be? To be able to watch or listen to iPod material in your living room would be a very nice addition. I love Apple products, but I almost feel like they could do more to introduce products that can be used while away from the iMac. Thankfully, it looks like they’ve caught on and are getting around to addressing the need. I would also like to see more integration with other third party programs or products out there. Even with the dual core iMac, I’ve still experienced some compatibility issues with certain internet downloads and programs. To truly be able to go PC-free, more compatibility issues need to be solved. Going all Apple (and not ever needing a PC) would be a great miracle in and of itself.

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