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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Week in Review

Wow, what to say about the week in review? Politics is a continuous debacle, the economy is moving along (although it appears Ford is tanking further), and everything else appears the same as it was. Not much happened in sports, we know who's going to the Super Bowl now. This little period for sports (in my opinion) is a little dull. After the Super Bowl, we're not at March Madness and baseball isn't beginning quite yet. Not that baseball or pro hoops will matter, the M's and Sonics both suck. So what the hell is going on? Not much, it appears we're in a holding pattern until spring.


angela said...

It's finally gotten warmer here in Vegas. Yesterday was 62 and today is supposed to be 63 and getting warmer as the days go by. It was a freezing winter here. The high desert gets really chilly in winter. Never thought I'd say I miss the 115 degrees of the summers.

Peter said...

The weather has been crazy across the country. Mother Nature is pissy about something (probably us).