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Monday, January 15, 2007

Darn Good Blog

Wow, I saw this this blog and I have to tell all of you about it. This is a big deal because I don't endorse garbage.
It's (or if you will). This lady does good work. If you're into the scene, I think you'll like it. Click the link below. Leave her a nice message and tell Vanessa that I sent you (Peter from Hilltopia). Encourage someone you don't know, it makes the world a better place.


Paula Neal Mooney said...

I know! I found Vanessa's blog the other day. It's sweet!

Peter said...

It's definitely something to continue reading.

Vanessa Byers said...

Wow, Peter, thanks for the love. I am so humbled (and encouraged). I'm still a newbie at this but I decided to devote more time to blogging in 2007. You have no idea how much words and Paula's mean to me. :) Peace & Love.