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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Edgar gets into the M’s Hall of Fame

Edgar Martinez will be inducted into the M’s Hall of Fame. Certainly the MLB Hall of Fame will call for him soon after. When I think about Edgar, I think a great time for the M’s and a great time for Seattle sports. Edgar is what is right about sports. The best DH of all time was a hard-working perfectionist who was excellent, humble, understated and a great citizen. Edgar is all of those and then some. There weren’t headlines about Edgar getting arrested or ripping his coach a new one in the press. He quietly hit the hell out of the ball and lumbered his way to greatness. When I reflect on his career, I think about how excited the state was when the M’s put together some of their great seasons. A great baseball team in the most beautiful place in the perfect summer season playing in a beautiful park (or rowdy concrete dome) is what baseball is all about. It’s easy to forget about baseball with the Super Bowl looming, but it becomes easier to remember when I think of all of the games I’ve been to with my friends watching Edgar, Randy, Ken, Jay, Dan and Lou (if you’re an M’s fan, last names aren’t necessary; you know who I’m talking about). It’s never been the same without Edgar stumbling his way to first base. And the ads, can anyone forget his rendition of “geoducks in Puyallup”? Pure vocal artistry…Anyways, if there’s one guy who I enjoy watching getting his just due, it’s Edgar. “Geoducks in Puyallup”, I absolutely love that.

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