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Monday, February 19, 2007

Republican Low Blow?

I'm not a Republican. But I'm still a little put off after reading the article below (click link). Is Senator McCain simply trying to toot his own horn and separate himself from his own party's mismanaged war agenda? I'm not sure, but McCain has long been in the Republican fold tooting the collective party horn for some time now. What's with the Rumsfeld blast? I'm not saying that Rumsfeld did anything noteworthy, I'd argue the opposite, but I still do not appreciate where politics has been in recent history. The low blows and name calling need to stop. Even Senator McCain needs to realize this and if he doesn't appreciate his party's war actions, a viable and clear solution would be much more appreciated as opposed to the verbal jabs (even with Democrats and certainly Rumsfeld).

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pat hixon said...

the way i've understood it,the republicans and democrats have considered mccain to be the best "democrat" the republicans have. much to the republicans chagrin, he fairly often crosses over and votes with democrats.