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Monday, February 5, 2007

Looking Ahead in Local Politics

There is continuing news on the fight over whether Seattle needs a tunnel or another raised viaduct along downtown Seattle. What disturbs me is the political bickering and lack of willingness to take the issue to the people. What the people want should be paramount and of utmost importance. But how is it that foolish and arrogant politicians continually ignore the prevalent demands of the people and continue on their wasteful ways? How much time has already been wasted by all of the bickering? I think a raised viaduct and tunnel both could have been built by now had the politicians gotten around to acting instead of spouting off more hot air. And who gets the benefit? No one, the viaduct is about to fall into the ocean and the citizens get stuck sitting in traffic on this thing for hours a day. A vote should occur immediately (asap, now, yesterday, last week, last month, etc.) and the outcome should decide what goes where. And that’s it, no recount, no complaining, just action. We would all appreciate political efforts had this been the plan as opposed to bellowing about plans not happening. In my humble opinion, more politicians need to lose their jobs mid-term if action doesn’t occur. No one is clamoring for more noise in this too-loud, too-little action world.

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