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Sunday, February 4, 2007

The Super Bowl

I enjoyed The Super Bowl. I'm glad Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning got the monkeys off their backs. They both seem like good guys and it was nice to see a classy organization come out on top. The speech Tony made as he was receiving the Lombardi Trophy was really nice. Unfortunately, there's just too few Tony Dungys in sports and in the world. But thankfully, we got so see the original work his magic to perfection tonight. How great is it that he is the first victorious black head coach to win The Super Bowl? He's been such a great example to all of us throughout the years on how someone can win in that cutthroat world and still maintain the values that helped propel him to success. Tonight couldn't have happened to a classier guy.


pat hixon said...

i been pulling for peyton manning and the colts all year!

Peter said...

Yeah, it as a nice finish to the season.

pat hixon said...

angie, me and d gabel watched the superbowl together. we had a great time for the most part; ordered pizza etc. it was a little more of a blow for dave cause he ws pulling for the bears.

what i want to know is, what the hell are we supposed to do with ourselves till next football season!? watch a hundred baseball games at a lazy 5 hours a game? is this that medical condition afecting millions of guy known as post-superbowl-stress-syndrome?

Peter said...

Well, the M's suck too. But, I'm planning on going to a bunch of games. Tickets should be easy to come by.