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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Northwestern Growth

When I speak about housing prices with anyone else who doesn't live in the NW, there's sort of this confusion that enters the discussion. Thankfully, many of us in the NW haven't really been hit with a hard housing slowdown. The economy really hasn't been affected either. Apparently in other parts of the country, things have been a little more rocky. I knew WA was looking particularly good for 2007 being that we were still experiencing job growth and the we still had an influx of new residents expected to continue to come our way. And this article from Drew DeSilver at The Seattle Times helps reiterate those earlier predictions. Life is still good here in the NW, as well as the economy and housing. If you do live around here, the article below is an interesting piece discussing some of the other areas of growth that you may not know about. And for our friends outside of WA, yes, there are other growing areas here outside of Seattle. Overall, a positive piece of writing good for your Sunday read.

The Seattle Times

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