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Friday, December 15, 2006


Whew, I woke up this morning and I was still alive (or so I think). I have never heard or been in such strong winds. The drive home last night was crazy. There were trees blowing sideways and branches were flying and hitting my car. Drivers were freaking out and were driving all over the place basically ignoring any traffic signals or stop signs. You forget how tall the trees are here in WA until you think that they might fall. It was hard sleeping last night because of the howling winds. But, here I am pretty much safe and sound. Let's see...we've had floods, heavy rain, high winds...I believe hellfire, brimstone or locusts are next. I'd rather pass on the frogs...heh, heh, I'm so clever and my plague knowledge is rather sound if I say so myself.


angela said...

talked to gabel this morning and he said the winds were crazy too. it's been nice here, 68 today. funny thing is that it feels a bit cold. I guess that's what happens when the summer's are in the 100s. A 40 or so degree drop can make one feel chilly. Well keep safe.

pat hixon said...

last time i talked to moses, he said a plague of boils was next for pnw, but then he lost his temper and got 86d from the promise land!

Peter said...

Yeah, well it wouldn't surprise me if that is what hit WA next. The weather has been unlike anything I've ever seen. Anyone who thinks humans haven't somehow altered the evironment hasn't been up here lately. You don't know if ice, snow, floods or wind is going to hit you next.