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Tuesday, December 26, 2006


How's everyone doing? This is just a general post to get back into the swing of things. Hopefully everyone had a good Christmas. I survived and I think it went fairly well. I did return to work and I must admit that it felt pretty good to get back to a semi-normal schedule. I know some people out there took some extended time off; have fun while you're out galavanting. Hopefully I'll be doing the same either in late January or February. I'm not sure if anyone watched any football, but did the Seahawks give up the big play or what? I'm not feeling good about our chances. We're pretty weak in one too many areas to do much damage in the playoffs. Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. Well, if I think of more stuff I'll write. But, with the holidays underway, it may be a little sporadic. See ya!


pat hixon said...

yes son, hope to see you and wife jan or feb at the latest! we had a really good christmas but i'm always glad when holidays are over. just a creature of such habit i'm never comfortable when something is forcing me to break up my humdrum routine.

come to think of it, that will be just in time for us all to get together at the heisers new crib for a housewarming celebration!

they were just here with turkey and all the fixins. we got left overs to get us all the way to thanksgiving!

Peter said...

I'm happy Christmas is over as well. Sounds like everyone got through it ok down there. Hopefully you got some cool stuff. Are you going to be watching the NFL playoffs? We're just a couple weeks away. Also, the Razorbacks had a heck of a season. Did you notice the excitment down in AR?

pat hixon said...

for what its worth:
andrew just told me his parents, john and rita sidebotham have got their tickets to come to vegas and stay with A&A, feb 15-mar4