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Saturday, December 9, 2006

Matador/Meconi's/Katie Downs

I was down by the Matador and Meconi's in downtown Tacoma just a little bit ago. The places seemed to be busy and doing quite well at night. That's good to see since it wasn't long ago that quite a bit of business left as soon as all of the downtown workers clocked out for the day or weekend. It also seems like there are more people hanging out downtown as well. All good signs about the way Tacoma is growing and picking up as far as foot traffic and life downtown goes. I was also at Katie Downs for dinner and I'm quite happy with that place. The remodel looks good and the food was good (as usual). There didn't seem to be a bad seat if you wanted to eat and watch a game down there. I'm a fan of the Varsity Grill, but Katie Downs is definitely a good place to meet up with friends for some sporting action/food/beer. And you can't beat the view either. Tacoma definitely needs many good places to watch a game since there aren't many sports bars around here. But things are on the up in T-Town.


angela said...

Talked to Sheila the other. And will send your gifts out tomorrow. She realized she never had my number so now we can actually chat on occasion. And I've got her email so I can send her photos as well. We talked about you the entire time. Naw..j/k.
Andrew has been out of town for the last 10 days and will be home for a week then gone again. It would be great to have you guys closer. It gets lonely down here without family around. I know Mom is only 2 hrs away. But it's always a pain in the butt to get her to come up. It seems I'm always driving down. Anyways, miss you and Sheila. Happy Day. xoxo,Angela

Peter said...

No fun driving two hours to nowhere? And Mom doesn't realize why more people don't go to Timbuktu? Geez, that place kinda sucks. Vegas is a good time, but some of the surrounding area is a little funky. Not much else other than a slot trying to take my money. Some sun about now would be nice though.