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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Blue Olive Closing?

The folks over at The Weekly Volcano are reporting that The Blue Olive is closing shortly. That's too bad, I thought the place was alright. It was a nice place to catch a drink with a friend. I didn't go there often, mainly because it was a little out of the way from everything else. But nontheless, I thought it was definitely one of the better bars around. So, what should go there? I'm not sure that's the space, but I still think Tacoma needs a good diner or place that has good old fashioned American food. The place needs to be open late and be centrally located. I love Knapps, but it's out in Procter and it's not a late night joint. Something akin to the 5 Spot (located in Seattle) would be nice. What do you think? Anyone else have any ideas?

Weekly Volcano

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