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Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas Shopping

So I think I'm done Christmas shopping. I'm definitely happy about it. But about the point I was going to make, is it just me or does it seem like Christmas gifts and Christmas shopping in general has gotten more expensive? I realize that families grow and there's more people to buy for, but I just got back from shopping today and I was continuously surprised at how much crap costs these days. I mean it, I was really kind of surprised. I'm not complaining about buying nice quality stuff, I'm talking about all of the cheap "for sale" stuff that stores try to lure you in with. That stuff advertised today was lame and not so cheap. Are people just buying whatever now and so stores don't have to try as hard? I don't think I'm all that cheap; my Christmas bill will certainly be on par with everyone else's, but geez, can we get some cool stuff? On a side note, could it be that Americans just have so much junk that we have now resorted to buying crap so that we can say that we bought something for everyone? We need a better system to do this.


pat hixon said...

i suggest we simplify the whole Christmas thing for the adults anyway, by agreeing to just get each other the book(s) we would like the other to read during the coming year. this would provide a number of benefits for all. mainly, when you read a book, you get an invaluable experience that is provided by the giver. does not have to be expensive; in fact you may not even have to go buy it. if you already have a book and want a friend to have the priceless experience you had with it, it doesnt hurt a thing if you already have a copy of it to give.

Peter said...

I agree wholeheartedly. Just when you wouldn't think there would be more useless stuff to buy, well, more garbage comes along. There is more for all of us to learn, so I like the book idea. There are is so much to learn, so little time, and much reading to be done. And you're right about re-gifting books, most of my books that I've already read are in mint condition. I really believe the world would be a better place if we all took more time to learn a little more.