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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Husky Hoops

Did anyone see the Huskies play last night? The Dawgs were looking good. They came out and dominated LSU from the start. For such a young team, we're looking really good. We've got good big men and our guards are playing fairly solid. I'm not sold on all of our bench support, and besides Pondexter, I don't know if we have any other options at small forward, but regardless, we're talented. I wasn't quite sure how such a young team would do, but I think Romar will have a nice overall record and wil set himself up nicely for next year. If he has another great recruiting class, we could make a serious push next year. Who knows, maybe we'll even make some noise this year at the big dance. It's safe to say that Spencer Hawes is an absolute stud player and will make a pro team very happy in the not-so-distant future. Meanwhile, about the Sonics...

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