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Friday, December 15, 2006


Hey folks, as you may or may not have noticed, there has been some significant changes to the blog. I'm trying to make it even more user friendly and possibly even helpful. It's one thing to mention a book or article that I read and thought was insightful, helpful, educational or even interesting. It's another thing entirely to able to share or point people to many of the resources that I use for education, fun, information, etc. This will probably be an ongoing process, so I hope you're open to change. But, I think it will be more helpful to us all if you can get more of what you're looking for or need from one place. I think that's a little better than a guy like me pointing directions to things or news and not really giving easier direction or ways to get there. Happy trails and thanks again!

PS There will be no post on the Seahawks as I'm rather disgusted with them currently.


angela said...

As for change..well it can be nice. As for the Seahawks? What the fuck is up? Lame lame lame is all I have to say regarding that.

Peter said...

They suck. They need to figure something out quick.