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Thursday, December 7, 2006

Sonics, OK?

I heard through the news that the Sonic's new ownership group has hired a company called HOK to design a new arena for the team. I guess in a way that is encouraging. There is already an NBA ready arena in Oklahoma, so there would be no need to hire a firm to design a new arena if there wasn't any thought to trying to keep the Sonics in the Northwest. I had practically written them off and to Timbuktu when I heard the news that Mr. Starbucks had sold our hoops team to a group in Oklahoma. I'm not at ease with where things are headed yet, but I'm a little more hopeful about keeping our team here in the state. I've heard rumors (like everyone else) that Bellevue and Renton are interested in moving the team to those cities, but there certainly hasn't been anything definite as far as concrete plans for an arena site and dates to begin construction. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but I'm still pretty worried about our chances to keep the Sonics. At least the Dawgs have a good team; that's helping to ease my hoops anxiety.

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