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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas Shopping

So does everyone have their Christmas shopping completed? I think we're almost done. That's a relief because I'm rather tired of the shopping. With a bigger family now, the whole process has gotten monstrous. But we've survived thus far. You know what people should give other? Vacation time, that's gift that employers should allow. You should be able to buy a gift card chock full of annual leave. Or airlines should sell really cheap flights to somewhere cool; a sort of loss leader type of deal. I'm not sure the airlines are capable of figuring something like that out though.


angela said...

Hey My Asian Brother from the same Mother..
I've got it all done except for a few odd and ends..stocking stuffers. I forgot to add Sheila's gift cert to your package. I will get that out at some point. I can be so scatter brained at times. Anyhoo..miss you.

Peter said...

Cool, I think I'm done as well. Xmas shopping can get really old. I can go a whole year and be fine.