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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

New Years Parties

So does anyone know what they're doing for New Years? Me neither, no real plans yet. Last year there was a small group of us and we went to Indochine in downtown Tacoma. Michael Powers (who's a jazz musician) was playing and it was a fun time. The place wasn't very crowded, the music was good, the staff was friendly, and we had a really good time. I wouldn't mind going back there this year, but we've also got some other new places, so who knows. What about you people in cyber land?


angela said...

I haven't any plans as of yet. I think I'll more the likely just stay home. I'm not really into New Year's. My new year starts on my birthday anyways. Besides Vegas is a bit of a nightmare on NYE..getting to the strip. You'd have to leave your house by 6:00pm latest to get any parking or anything. And they close down the strip so it's more of a jungle. But fr what I's a great party for the young at heart. And I'd rather just ring in the new year with the children. Andrew's working. But I may end up just going to the local pub and sharing a pint with Rob if anything.

Peter said...

A pub and a pint are a good thing. I've got a feeling I'll head to downtown Tacoma. Indochine, El Gaucho and The Matador should all be good fun. There's also a bar at the top of The Sheraton that has a killer view of the city. That should keep me occupied. Hopefully it's not dumping rain then. There's also some cool bars on 6th Ave now that are really picking up. I actually have Tacoma options that are looking pretty good.