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Sunday, December 3, 2006

Saturday Night

A successful night of broomball occured. There were no broken bones or sprained body parts. I don't even feel that sore. Also, on the drive home it was quite apparent that the Matador and Syren were doing quite well. The Tacoma nightlife is starting to pick up a little bit. Lately I've noticed a little more pedestrian traffic downtown. Hopefully the trend grows or at the very least continues. I think our little town is still moving in the right direction.


angela said...

It's been cold here too. But is supposed to warm up to the high 50s - 60s this week. Dad has been outta town and is returning this evening. We're picking him up. He went to visit Grandmother in AK. She's doing well but told Dad that Grandpa was out in the lobby flirting with the ladies again. Anyways, what the fuck is broomball?

Peter said...

Dad emailed me. Sounds like he's having a good trip. Broomball is like hockey but with brooms. Fun but pretty hard work.