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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Ann Coulter Losing Ads

Ann Coulter, could two words bring more nasty, mean thoughts? The surly, spewer of political mud has found herself in a bind. Because she's now using discriminatory terms to describe people publicly (did we ever doubt that she used any derogatory and discriminatory terms in private?), she is now losing ad revenue. What happens when the sideshow begins to lose money? That in and of itself is almost anti-Republican right? Well, we'll see. Due to Ann's words of hate, she's now losing some support from both advertisers and fellow Republicans. It's not really a good thing to have the vocal support of a bigot if you're interested in becoming President of the United States. Throw in the fact that the Republicans have had a tough go of things anyways and poof!, things are getting hairy. What I'm interested in seeing is how the Republicans and advertisers deal with Ann later on. It's not acceptable to endorse any behavior that is disrespectful and mocking of peoples dignity and lifestyle. For her to blatantly blast anyone with terms that she's willing to use is bringing us back to a place that I think most Americans would just rather not go. We've come a long way in acknowledging rights, respect, dignity and equality. Let's not reverse progress in order to garner attention or to further a cause of hate. Respect should not have to be at a premium today. And lastly, for the sake of everyone involved, Ann needs to go away, far away.

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pat hixon said...

i used to think some of it was kind of funny. started reading her books. began to realize she wasnt just making outlandish jokes. now i know she goes a bit far with it...