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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Tacoma Jobs

Can Tacoma's job market grow? What will it take for the city to be able to attract companies that can employ local residents? Is it our current tax structure that limits who is willing to set up shop here? Is it the city leadership or government that hasn't been able to address concerns and give proper incentives? I'm not completely sure that we have one answer for this. But I think it needs to be reviewed and addressed. Tacoma cannot grow into a vibrant, thriving city if a large percentage of it's residents has to leave town daily to produce elsewhere. Thankfully, I'm not sure that our neighboring towns are necessarily on the cutting edge of business development either. But, we can't take too much solace in that. We need to find new, more creative ways to keep our talent home and producing goods and services in town. I think we need to find new ways to promote relocation and growth in Tacoma. Favorable and fair taxing in Tacoma could help. A good infrastructure with low crime wouldn't be too shabby either. But can the city also look at ways of promoting new growth by subsidizing the reconstruction and redevelopment of dilapidated areas of the city? Tacoma has numerous dead spots and rundown areas that could use some serious TLC. Could the city find ways to sweeten the pot when it comes to finding more beneficial ways to redevelop those areas? Many questions remain to be sure. But I think we all need to try to come up with answers if we do not want to fall into the trap of mediocrity. Your thoughts?

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