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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tacoma-On the Dumping Lookout

Yesterday a neighbor and I had to confront a lady who was dumping some trash on a curb. This lady claims that she had planned to have the city pick the garbage up. I highly doubted it since the lady reeked of crack addict. Not that she unequivocally was a crack addict, but she certainly could’ve won a crack addict look-a-like contest. And to make matters worse, I swear the stray shopping carts are reproducing. Oregon is looking at passing some sort of law to address the stray shopping cart situation. I think Washington should do something to solve the issue as well. There is nothing more lame or trashy than looking at a stray shopping cart left by someone’s house or apartment building. If a grocery store can’t find a way to secure them, I think they should at least have to hire someone to go around and pick them up. I’m not trying to pick on people that need a way to transport groceries, but I also don’t think everyone in the neighborhood should have to pick up after people stealing these shopping carts either. Does anyone have a cure for the shopping cart ills?

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