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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Encouraging News on Education

If you didn’t read the article by Jamie Forsythe from the Tacoma Weekly, it’s a good article on education and our governor (click link below). Governor Christine Gregoire is asking many questions about our state’s education system and is working on finding more solutions. I appreciate that we have a leader who is proactively trying to improve matters that directly affect our families and communities. Most people wouldn’t argue the value of education, but here is an example of people getting together and actively working towards real improvement. Sometimes it just takes people asking more questions and searching for more answers. And in this case, I don’t feel like the public is being fed a political line or gimmick. Hopefully this discussion translates successfully into proactive steps to improvement. Education plays such an important part in all of our communities. At least I can be thankful that there are others who feel the same.

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