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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Big Idea

I'm not a fan of almost anything TV, but I like Donny Deutsche. The guy is interesting and he conducts a pretty good interview. If you don't know who Donny is, he's the host of The Big Idea on CNBC. Donny is originally famous for running his ad agency. After years of advertising, he's now working on his own show which airs weekday evenings. Donny has guests that aren't the typical fare on most other talk shows. And nicely, there's quite often a business, professional, or showbiz bent to add to the uniqueness. Somehow Donny manages to not get too soft with the guest, but he's not annoyingly inflammatory either. After work, I just don't want to hear two or three people yelling over each other (as many TV interviews now go these days). Donny doesn't seem to have too much patience for that nonsense either. It's just a really simple show with some interesting guests minus the band, joke monologue, sketches, and other mindless fluff. A good show if you've got the time to catch some TV right around dinner. And you won't feel like you've lost some IQ points after watching it either. I think that alone puts it in the top 1% of television.

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