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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Worthy Goal-Improving Infrastructure

With all of the squabbling over the Alaskan Way Viaduct, it got me thinking about Tacoma and how our roads and infrastructure affect us here. Do we need more traffic improvements? I believe so; I also believe that we have a unique opportunity to make improvements before our city grows even more. I’m not sure if we need an infusion of new city leadership or if a vocal citizen population is enough to create change. But, I think now is a great time to consider how the city can begin unique projects involving traffic and mass transit. With the success of the Link, it seems like an extension of it or a comparable addition should be created to service and connect the various Tacoma neighborhoods. Not only would this help reduce the use of single passenger cars, it could also encourage commercial development. Businesses may be more apt to set up shop in neighborhoods that have a population that can access the neighborhood and commercial districts easily. Also, the sense of community that develops when citizens can travel and sightsee with others in their community is immense. And of course the eco-friendly benefits are considerable when also thinking about using an energy efficient means of transportation and reducing the harmful exhaust gases as a result of reducing our dependence on cars. I certainly don’t know the answers on this one, but it appears that now is a great time to think of how Tacoma can distinguish itself as a user-friendly and energy efficient city while also promoting growth and industry.

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