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Thursday, March 29, 2007

First Pitch

Well, baseball season is back. I’m not so sure that the Mariners have a chance to do anything, but I’m still happy that we have baseball. There’s nothing quite like going to Safeco and watching a game on a nice sunny day. Or even watching the game at home during a BBQ is nice. Baseball is one of the great signs that spring and summer are underway. You may or may not be a baseball fan, but if you haven’t gone to Safeco and had a beer in left field while watching the game or hanging out with friends, you’re seriously missing out on one of the great spring/summer events. FYI, pre-funk at Pyramid! See you there.


pat hixon said...

baseball is so old and so american, its just kind of corny: but in a good kind of way. it good to know some things, some traditions are really just kind of timeless, like fenway park. they keep it all just the same, keep on using the manual panel scoreboard instead of getting a modern digital one, just to keep with tradition.

i'm pulling for the cubs because they are historys most unfortunate underdog: worse than the redsocks were.

Peter said...

Baseball's great, it has its own nice niche that football and basketball don't really address (partly because of their age). Besides, it's so much more relaxing than the other sporting events. It's like relaxing in the sun and there happens to be a game going on at the same time. The Cubs? I don't care if they win. I would like to visit Wrigley someday though. I do like seeing the low salary teams win. That's pretty cool.