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Friday, March 16, 2007

Warm Weather, Music, More

With Spring and Summer right around the corner, the warm weather will be here and not a minute too soon in my opinion. This will also be a time when downtown Tacoma will feel a little bit more complete than in years past. Past years have seen more construction with the additions of a new hotel and convention center among other projects. With the downtown area moving into a new direction, something else needs to be added to help celebrate all of the work that has been done. And what’s the point of it all if you can’t show it off and have a little fun? What we need is an event. Something annual, fun, mostly outdoors, and pedestrian friendly. I think an outdoors music event with a bunch of different bands would be really cool. Something like Wintergrass but outdoors. A few different stages and plenty of food and concessions booths and maybe even some old hotrods and nice boats on display in the marina. It would be a great event to show off Tacoma and what it has become. There are still many local Western WA residents who have never even ventured into Tacoma since the 80’s. Not only would an event like this give the Tacoma residents a chance to get out and enjoy the city, visitors from all over can come to listen to some bands, sightsee downtown, and get out in a town that they may have forgotten about a couple of decades ago. Tacoma shouldn’t necessarily be our own little secret.


Jose Tudor said...

Sounds like you have a Cool Jazz festival in mind. I think that would be a nice event.

Peter said...

Yeah, pretty much. I love the outdoor summer music festivals. It does such a good job of bringing people together and enjoying the moment.