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Sunday, March 11, 2007

More Good News for Downtown Tacoma

Wow, more good news for downtown Tacoma. Apparently the Tacoma Elks Lodge has been sold to developers who are committed to doing something that will make the city proud. I'm certainly optimistic and happy about this. It's such a cool building and it has so much potential. And the great thing is that little corner could use something to draw more interest. Downtown is coming along, but there are still pockets where nothing is really happening. Once the ball starts rolling in some of those dead areas, I think the city experience will feel more cohesive. Now, it feels like parts of the downtown area are coming alive, but then on the next block there will be nothing or urban decay. This building was certainly one of those spots. And there's still many more dead spots. But to focus on the positive, I really feel we're as a whole getting to a better place. Below is the article by Dan Voelpel from The Tacoma News Tribune discussing the sale.

The Tacoma News Tribune

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