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Monday, March 26, 2007

Misc. News on Tacoma

Lots of interesting things going on in the area. There’s been plenty of news about the condo market here in Tacoma. I’m not sure how that will play itself out in the short term, but it will be interesting to watch. If you’re condo shopping, you should have plenty of choices. Also, the local political race is getting interesting as people make themselves available to run for city council. I think that this is a huge race coming up in terms of importance. I believe Tacoma is on the cusp of great things but we need great leadership to securely get us closer to our goals. And as the city continues to improve and clean itself up, it’s quite obvious that there are still pockets of crime spread throughout the city. We can change this as we continue to work towards letting people know that criminal behavior will not be tolerated. This next year can be a great one as we work towards positive change in our city.

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