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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Get Out and Walk Tacoma

I’m only one person of a much larger group that thinks Tacoma is turning a corner in its revitalization. The neighborhoods are cleaning up nicely, downtown is growing, and more growth appears just ahead. There have been numerous citizens who have worked countless hours to make Tacoma a safer, more attractive place to live. I think many appreciate and acknowledge this work, but it would be early to say that we’ve arrived at our desired destination. We still have more work to do fighting crime and making the city yet more livable and enjoyable. My suggestion for helping to change perceptions and reality is that we need to get out and walk. That’s right, walk through your neighborhoods more often. We need to continue to force the issue with criminals that responsible citizens are in fact taking back their city. If everyone made their presence felt more often, I think those with bad intentions would make themselves more scare here and find somewhere else where they are tolerated. Tacoma doesn’t have to be that place. Besides, most of us can use a little more physical activity. So as the weather gets more bearable, take a walk through your neighborhood with your head up. Make sure people notice that there are residents who will notice criminal activity. I think we’re so close to making things much, much better. A strong display of unity and ownership will send a message that certain illegal activities will not be accepted here. And really, who can’t afford to walk and get out more often?

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