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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Open Sunday Night

I went for a long walk Sunday afternoon/early evening. My wife and I ended up at Starbucks on Sixth Ave. and left when it closed which was at 8pm I believe. I noticed that our town really closes up shop fairly early on Sundays. Which brings me to my point, I miss the old hang outs that you know and can rely on to be open at all hours. I'm talkin' diners, greasy spoons, coffee shops, etc. I'm not so sure that Tacoma needs more upscale restaurants. I do think Tacoma needs some more good places where people can go to hang out, read, eat, drink and just be at almost all hours of the day (or night). I know there's a couple of places that are in this description (Mandolin, Knapps, Harvester), but I do think we need more of it. And besides, I need variety. Hopefully you do too.

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