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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tacoma-Commercial Districts

There’s been plenty of buzz about UW Tacoma expanding, new businesses going downtown, and even the Tacoma Mall beginning its renovation. Which brings me to my point, where will the next commercial district be? Will Sixth Ave. continue to develop? Will the Proctor District decide to become more of a shoppers’ destination? 38th Street seems like it could become an even larger International District with an Asian themed shopping center and larger market perhaps? All of these things appear to be somewhat viable and possibly desired to some extent. More jobs in Tacoma is definitely desirable. And there could certainly be more places to walk to and experience. There are many possibilities, I just hope we can retain the character of all of these neighborhoods during any and all of these changes. Tacoma has shown a good propensity to retain some of it’s grit and character so far, hopefully we’ll keep up the good work.

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