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Friday, March 16, 2007

Promising Work Towards Criminal Supervision

There’s a good article in The Seattle Times by Jennifer Sullivan and David Postman explaining some of the work that is being done to better supervise released felons. This issue of supervising felons is a serious one and it demands our attention. In the past year alone, three Seattle Police Officers were killed as a result of actions taken by felons who were currently under supervision. It is quite obvious that those felons were not rehabilitated and probably should not have been released if there was a chance that anyone could have been harmed or worse, killed. Tacoma and Seattle are not the only areas that can or could be negatively affected by unsatisfactory law enforcement and supervisory efforts. I’m not sure if there is one particular person at fault for these procedural shortcomings, but the issue still remains. Citizens can and should demand an improvement in this area. Thankfully, it appears that our governor is determined that corrective action is taken as soon as possible. I think people of all political backgrounds appreciate the effort, but we cannot rest until there is significant improvement regarding this. There’s always a wish list of what citizens want from government, but this cannot be a wish; it must be a demand met with excellent results.

The Seattle Times

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