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Thursday, March 15, 2007

One Big Push?

I've noticed my neighborhood has really cleaned up since I moved here to Tacoma three years ago. There are not nearly as many issues involving transients, drug users, and other people basically hanging out in places where they shouldn't be. I've also noticed a significant increase in residents taking care and sometimes completely renovating their homes. I haven't seen a large number of drug deals in quite some time; and believe me, I used to see a show just standing on my front porch. I'm sure that the neighborhood isn't where it needs to be. But on the other hand, we've come a long, long way. I'm starting to wonder if the next summer and year are going to be what pushes us over our hump. I think many Tacoma neighborhoods are going to break some of their own ceilings holding them back soon. I think if the local residents make another strong effort and really keep an eye out for crime, we'll be rid of some issues that have long plagued the city. Keep an eye out, report criminal activity, and get out and make your presence known. Just a small wave of activism and I think we'll all benefit from the cause.


angela said...

If the public start calling the police whenever someone was selling drugs on the street or a transient was roaming in one's backyard. The police force wouldn't be able to keep up. The need more men in blue on the streets to make a bigger presence. That I think would help out the situation. However these people do need some place to go. What is your suggetion on that matter?

Peter said...

Well, we need to remain hard on crime. I'm for having felons and criminals serving full sentences if convicted. And as for rehabilitation for substance abuse, more effective and adequate solutions are certainly needed. I don't think anyone has really figured out how to adequately combat some of those drug, alcohol and mental illness issues that can harm our inner cities and residents.