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Monday, March 26, 2007

Politics-No Response

What's with the administration in Washington DC? Does the Executive Branch and the Republicans in it not feel the need for accountability to its constituents? It just seems like every day there is a new debacle and no reasonable explanation for the mistake. Furthermore, there seems to be no oversight to clamp down and try to prevent any other disasters from happening. With the war, holding detainees, firing prosecutors, inept staff, lack of response after Katrina, etc., etc., the list could go on and on. And when do people within their own party finally decide that this is enough? It's no secret that many Democrats and moderates are tired of this sad routine, but what about those further to the right? It's not enough to have political opponents screaming for change. Those within that party need to speak up and demand accountability. I'm still completely amazed that no one else in that party is willing to speak up and request reason, transparency, responsibility, and a sense of service to the American public. Maybe that's why that party has no real Presidential candidates worth mentioning at this time. No one on that side of the aisle has been willing to speak up and begin doing the right things as opposed to toeing the party line. It's too bad, good debate and politics can only occur when there are viable candidates from different parties. One party full of potential candidates doesn't fully engage the potential of the great American political process.

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angela said...

Right now everyone is focusing on the elections next year. Millions and millions are going towards elections which is a total joke in my opinion. I would love to see a canidate step up and say. He or she is giving up half their campaign moneys towards Katrina or schools or proverty in America. Something that would stand out from the rest. That may lose the election this time round but shows courage and I admire courage.